What is the Cost of Living in Ipswich?

Thinking of renting in Ipswich? Here’s a breakdown of the cost of living in one of UK’s most historic towns. 
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Renting in Ipswich

Both house prices and rents in Ipswich are very affordable by comparison with the rest of the immediate area, and laughably cheap compared to London. This is in fact one of the main attractions of the town. The houses on offer include Victorian terraces, luxury penthouse apartments and picturesque family homes. There are also many contemporary shared apartments to choose from.

The average rent for a home in Ipswich is £685 per month. For a one bedroom home, you can expect to pay around £575 per month. A three bedroom home is £800 per month, while a five bedroom home rents for around £990 per month. For shared apartments, you can pay as little as £450 with all bills inclusive.

What is the Cost of Living in Ipswich?

The Cost of Living in Ipswich vs. London

Ipswich is not only safer to live in than London, but it is also by far the more affordable of the two. 

Consumer prices

The prices paid for goods and services in general (consumer prices) in Ipswich are 21.49% lower in Ipswich than in London. This means prices for the same goods and services are way more expensive in London. For instance, groceries are on average 3% less expensive in Ipswich than London. Restaurants are 4% less expensive in Ipswich while clothing too are 5% less expensive.


When rent is included in consumer prices, Ipswich is 38.95% lower than in London. There is a colossal difference in comparing rent alone (without including customer prices) between the two places: rent prices in Ipswich are 62.07% lower than in London. This indicates you can pay more than double the price for the same property in London.


One-way ticket on local transport and charges on taxis including 1 hour waiting time, charge at the start of a journey and per kilometre are all less expensive in Ipswich. Overall, transportation is on average 11% less expensive.

Utility bills

When it comes to utility bills, on average, they are 7% less expensive in Ipswich than London. This includes basic use of public utility such as electricity, heating, cooling, water and garbage. Mobile tariff is also higher in London. However, internet charge is only a few pennies lower in London than Ipswich.

Sports & Leisure and Childcare

Sports and leisure activities on average are 5% less expensive in Ipswich than London. This includes activities such as fitness club fees, cinema and so on. In terms of childcare, there is a significant difference between the two places. Childcare is on average 11% less expensive in Ipswich than London. This indicates pre-school (or kindergarten), full day, private, monthly payment for a child is significantly more expensive London.

On the whole, local purchasing power (i.e. the amount of goods and services that can be purchased with a unit of currency) in Ipswich is 8.08% higher than in London. You can get more value in each unit of currency spent in Ipswich than London.

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