Is Ipswich a Good Place to Live?

Ipswich is a fantastic place to live and this is attested by being classed among the top ten UK property destinations. There are so many benefits in living in Ipswich that trump living in its surrounding areas.
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Ipswich is a fantastic place to live in and this is attested by being ranked among the best up-and coming places to live in Britain. There are so many benefits in living in Ipswich that trump living in its surrounding areas. With investment on the rise, Ipswich is ranked alongside Reading, Margate and Liverpool as a location to watch.

Ipswich: Cultural Heritage & Amenities

Ipswich is a large town with plenty of amenities and several very pleasant neighbourhoods. One major attraction to Ipswich is that house prices and rents are very cheap compared to the immediate area, and ridiculously cheap compared to London- the price difference is huge.

Another great attraction is the presence of good transport links. The town is on the main Norwich to London rail line, with a commute time of less than 1.5 hours. Ipswich is also on the Felixstowe branch line, allowing access to various stops in Suffolk. Both national and local bus services are also efficient. There is a regular bus service to London or the Southeast, as well as National Express coaches offering services to Heathrow and London Stansted Airport, which is about 1.25 hours away.

Ipswich has a wealth of cultural heritage combined with excellent amenities that are far better than what most towns and bigger cities are offering. The town’s main landmarks include an excess of 650 listed buildings which include a number of medieval churches. If you are also a fan of modern architecture, you will find the Willis Building captivating- it has a striking glass structure and it’s reminiscent of a ‘grand piano’ and affectionately nicknamed so by the locals.

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Living the Good Life in Ipswich!

There is a great array of restaurants, shops and of course the fantastic waterfront, which is continuously being improved with heavy investments. The vibrant waterfront is packed with a mix of cafes, restaurants, luxury apartments, as well as, the impressive Suffolk University building and The Salthouse boutique hotel. Suffolk is known as the ‘foodie county’ and Ipswich is a good place to indulge the taste buds with delicious street food that range from traditional burgers and sausages to Indian cuisine, vegan and fried chicken.

There is also a wide range of locally grown vegetables and fresh bread, which is baked on site every morning. In addition, there is a delicatessen, cheesemonger, chocolatier and foodie workshops are on offer too. Within the town, there is a wide range of world foods to enjoy- from modern British cuisine at the Aurora on the waterfront, to Asian dishes at Aqua Eight and Chinese food at Trongs. The list of great places to experience wonderful and delicious food in and around Ipswich is endless.

There are a number of large parks offering green-spaces and various activities depending on the time of the year. The famous Orwell Park is located right next to the River Orwell and offers pleasant waterfront strolls. There are also regular guided tours of the town, boat trips on River Orwell and tours of Portman Road Football Stadium- home to Ipswich Town Football Club. Ipswich’s two theatres- the new Wolsey Theatre and the Regent Theatre are also worth visiting for the performances they host and as fascinating buildings in their own right. Christchurch Park, the oldest park in the town, offers games and sports, as well as a very well-equipped play area for children.

Ipswich as a Prime Location

With cultural heritage aplenty combined with excellent local amenities, Ipswich has a lot going for it and it’s no wonder it’s the only UK destination to make TripAdvisor’s list of Top 25 Emerging Destinations in the World for 2020. The town was also voted the 7th most desirable place to live and work in England by the Royal Mail. In 2007, Ipswich was awarded the cleanest town award and in 2015 Ipswich was rated the third happiest place to live in the UK. 

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Is Ipswich a Good Place to Live?